Love Wins?

I wonder what is the reason CBD refuses to sell Rob Bell’s “Love Wins”? The REAL reason. There’s nothing heretical in the book as anyone who is familiar with the history of theology can tell you. Much of it, in fact, is right in line with traditional Evangelical thinking, though re-hashed from a different perspective. My guess is that at root, the issue is money and control.

Who will lead the evangelicals through this 21st century? Will it be the old school of Piper or will it be the new school of Bell? It’s all about rich preachers and power. Let God be the judge of their motives. I will not speculate here. Though I suppose there is sincerity on both sides.

I found “Love Wins” to be a refreshing reminder of traditional orthodoxy outside the general evangelical mold. Easy to read, no difficult to understand sections, and quite poetic to boot. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in rejuvenating their faith and or gaining a fresh perspective.


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