A Few Thoughts on God and Jesus

NT Wright makes a comment along the lines of, ‘If our notions of God and Jesus don’t match up then we need to reevaluate our understanding of God in terms of Jesus.’ I think it’s safe to say the Church has for too long isolated it’s theology proper from it’s Christology. We do not worship God AND Jesus, we worship the God who became incarnate AS Jesus.

Seems to me that the Holy Spirit has often been given a bad wrap historically; consigning Him to his own corner consisting of the miraculous, the ethereal, the mystical etc.., while in fact what he does is “show” us Jesus. “To know Christ, to make Him known”…this is, imo, the essence of a vibrant living Christianity. I’m certain I fall on the mystical side of things in saying all of this. But, really, we truly know Jesus, even if darkly, quite apart from the Bible and history. We know him in the here and now through word and sacrament, yes, but also and perhaps primarily, through prayer and meditation and simple good living in faithful dependence on Him.


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