Becoming as Little Children

jesus-children.24174626_stdThe human person is incredibly complex. Exactly how human consciousness arises is a greatly debated issue and thus far no satisfactory theory has been presented.

Consciousness seems to develop alongside biological development. That is to say, a child does not have the integrated consciousness that is had by an adult. Exactly what factors bring this advanced consciousness to the fore is debatable, but I think, that it exists cannot be denied.

Now, consider the maxim by Jesus, “except you become as little children you cannot see the Kingdom of God.” I suggest what this means is that little children inherently trust. Trust is something foundational to the child psyche. Who ever heard of a child that did not trust it’s mother? Of course, not all mothers are trustworthy, but that’s quite beside the point.

I draw from this that what Jesus is saying is that we must retain, regain, develop, secure, maintain that primal trust but as we grow in maturity, to focus that trust on Him. Often, this trust becomes sidetracked or lost through the growing process. We get hurt, we begin to doubt, we start to recede into our selves, we stop trusting because the world is found to be untrustworthy.

This further suggests that the nature of our encounter with God is not usually on the conscious level, yet this is where we expect it to be. We expect God to interact in our lives in visible, tangible ways. How often are we disappointed to find this is not the case??? As C. S. Lewis said, “Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back, everything is different”? I’d suggest that our encounter with God is not a fleeting thing that happens occasionally, but is so foundational to our existence and being that it takes place in a profound depth of the human person in perpetual communion. The reason we do not easily grasp God’s presence is not because He is not there, but because we have never experienced life without it! The Divine-human encounter is a perpetual thing, not a rarity. Though it is true that it only rarely rises to the conscious level. This is why we can look back over our lives, even when filled with failure, and honestly say, God has been faithful. We see it even though we can’t understand it.

Let us seek and restore our inherent attitude of trust and let us turn it toward Jesus.