The Bible Tells Me So?

open-bible-11288023214vduXThis post is to lay out my belief about the Bible, it’s authority, and it’s origin.

The Christian Holy Scriptures, the Bible, is not a single work but a collection of 66 books (in the Protestant version). Each book has it’s own unique point or points to make. Often the content of one book conflicts with the content of other books. This is to be expected since there is no single author.

These works span a history of several thousand years, yet the final canon, as we have it today, is under 2000 years old. The biblical books embody various theological perspectives and opinions based on the time they were written. There is no clear, single over arching theology that ties all the books together. That said, I believe there is a single *hope* expressed in all the books, particularly of the Old Testament, of a coming Messiah. Exactly who he would be and what he would be and do, were never agreed on. With the coming of Jesus Christ, all the Old Testament books were turned topsy turvy as the reality set in.

The New Testament books share, with their Old Testament predecessors, the theme of Messiah, and also like the older books, express various opinions and theologies to explain who Jesus is.

I do not believe, as do many today, that the Scriptures were ultimately penned by God himself through some kind of “inspiration”. I find this theory does great injustice to the nature of the Scriptures as well as to God himself.

We cannot turn to the Bible to answer anything definitively. It is the human record of our experience with God through history. It is not a letter from God to humanity. Nor is it “The Word of the Lord” as if it were authoritative and contained the blueprint for morality and theology from God’s own hand.

There is but one Word of God, and that is Jesus Christ himself. He alone is the testimony of God in whom are found all the answers of wisdom, theology, and morality. He is the penultimate Revelation of God to mankind and it is upon Him that the faith of believers is set, not on words written about him.

The Bible serves the church, not the other way around. As Jesus pointed out in a similar principle, the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. Since Jesus is the ultimate Sabbath Rest, it is in Him that we find meaning for the questions we ask; not in the Bible.

The Bible is able to be used by God, yes, as a medium through which he speaks to us. But then, so is any other literature or medium. God speaks through the creation and that includes things made by man, such as the Bible.

At any rate, those are my thoughts.