A Rant

Insulated people¬†are not warm.¬†They are cold as ice. I cannot bear it any longer without speaking my mind. Those who withdraw from the world have no business judging or critiquing the world, but that is what they do best. I am weary of being referred to “ancient dogma” or the writings of an obscure saint, or a literal view of Holy Scripture.

If one wishes to critique the world and those who live in it, one must participate in it, share in its life, and engage it on a daily basis. Otherwise, what knowledge does one have? You who do this, do you not realize you do not know anything? Don’t you realize that the criteria with which you judge is merely opinion? Yet you speak and act as though it were God himself who revealed these things to you. Yes, I know, Holy Mother Church has taught you these things. But your assumptions about her are flawed. You came to her and she nursed you, but you thereby became convinced she was without error; that she doesn’t make mistakes. And you, being one of her children, are in some sense, heir to the same guarantee if you but repeat her words. You either forget or never knew that the Church exists for mankind, not mankind for the Church.

I am not Eastern Orthodox, though at one time I was tempted to be. No more. After years of observation and interaction, I have found that Orthodoxy is as fundamentalist as any Baptist church. I do not believe Orthodoxy today even remotely represents the Fathers; regardless of what they say they believe. It is insular and closed minded. It has nothing to say to this generation. There is no power in its words. All it does well is repeat the words and formulas of the past and praises those who do likewise.

Pontifications on politics, world events, and what have you, drive me insane. I cannot tolerate them any further. You speak as if you KNOW everything and have the answer for every problem. You’re no different than the fundamentalism we grew up in. You’ve just changed your clothes.

You say, leave it to mystery. What the Fathers meant was “we don’t understand”. What you mean is “I understand, trust what I’m telling you even though you do not understand. Do it/believe it because the Church says so.” Forget it! I will not waste my life believing what i do not know or understand. I will seek the truth and the truth will set me free from this fundamentalism. I do not need an answer for everything. I’m quite happy to be ignorant of some things. Moreover, the things you are so certain of, are the things I’m so certain you are wrong about! Explain that! In a world where the truth is supposedly glaringly obvious…so that God will damn those who do not assent to it…how is it that we are so radically different in belief? You must either believe I am a liar and dishonest person or you are! I am not forced into that mold. I know that for as many people as there are on the earth, there are just as many opinions and understandings of how things are.

I’m just sick of it. Either leave your Orthodoxy and get a real life or at a bare minimum, acknowledge and live as though you don’t have all the answers and are not competent to speak to every question given to you.

End of rant.




The Beastly Priest

There once was a priest
who was a little beast
His name was Daniel Brown.
Hellfire and damnation
was what he preached
in the church in the center of town.
Women would swoon
in the warm afternoon
when the heat of the hellfire was hot
Ol’ Daniel would bellow
and scare all his fellows
til repentance they had got.
The little ones cried
and the elderly died
under the hand of the beastly priest.
At judgement I”m sure
he’ll come out like manure
Because he didn’t care in the least.
When the graves open up
and the carrion birds sup
When Armageddon is nigh
Then Father Brown
will stroll into town
to watch all humanity die.
Some call him “Scratch”
others, after a match,
call him Lucifer because of his smell
But the truth, dark and sordid
Is Farther Brown always courted
The devil in his preaching of Hell.
The moral is this
you cannot achieve bliss
by threatening people with fear
For fear leads to dying
and eternal sighing
in the place where nothing is dear.
If you’re going to preach
then season your speech
with mercy and grace and love.
For this is the way
that in the end will pay
with everlasting joy up above.