Confession of a Southern Gentleman 

This is a post that is difficult for me to write. It is difficult because it is shameful. 
I was born in Georgia to a very traditional southern family. My family has roots in Henry County that extend back to a land grant by King George. My parents and other relatives still live in the county. 

The “war of northern aggression”, as it is called by all true southerners, is deeply considered to be a point of pride and heritage. We look fondly back to the “good ol’ days.” 

But, to my shame and sorrow, I confess, that racism, however sugar coated or ignored, is part and parcel of who and what we are as southerners. I have to say, it’s practically impossible to grow up in a southern family without being infected. 

For years I lived in ignorance of my own racism. Or justified it as a joke. While I never went so far as self conscious racism, I admit, I have had an incipient superiority idea toward my black brethren. 

The thought of removing the confederate flag from public display makes me sad; but it is a sadness of which I repent. I have come far in the past 10 years toward understanding my own prejudices and biases. Therefore, I confess publicly that I am guilty of racism. I repent. 

I affirm the inherent dignity and goodness of every human being and their equality before God and man. The color of ones skin, the having come from a different culture or having a different language is of no import whatsoever regarding the dignity of any person. All are equal in every regard.

For my own sin of racism I wish to make reparation to any I have offended or hurt whether deliberately or unknowingly. I pray Almighty God will give me grace to be humble, quiet and at peace with all men. 

For our country, which has never known a day when prejudice and racism did not hold sway, I pray LORD have mercy. Deliver us from this abomination. Save us from our sins. Bring light and life to this dark place in our hearts and cause us to see Your glory in the face of all men and women. 

May racism find it’s rightful place in the pit of hell and may God deliver us from it’s perpetuation on earth.


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